Oh dear! Your flower shop is looking pretty empty ... maybe a grass roots social media campaign will liven things up!

Take some candid shots on your smartphone! Pick the perfect social media site! Mingle with your new customers to find the next viral trend and sell some plants!

Talk / Pickup / Take Photo
Left Mouse
Bring up phone
Right Mouse

Yes! This game has an ending! Therefore ... :

Hint 1: Photos only count the closest person and closest plant. Make sure your peripherals are clear!
Hint 2: Some photos will require both a person and a flower. Try to sleuth together which two hints need to be combined!
Jim: Any photo on any app
Cassidy: Mushroom on Based Book
Jonathan: Chrysanthemum on Based Book
Vivian: Rose on Artstagram
Mr Yeast: Cassidy on x-memes
Lucio: Jonathan on Artstagram
Hanna: Lotus on Based Book
Gilly Bates: Mr Yeast with a Sunflower on Bandz

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